A Look at the 2020 LG Velvet Smartphone

LG has represented one of the most recognised up-and-coming names within the mobile phone marketplace and consumers should be rather pleased with that their 2020 Velvet model has in store.  Although this phone has only recently been released to the public, we have already compiled a fair amount of data so that you can make an informed choice.  Let’s take a closer look.

Design and Appearance

One of the first features which stands out is the fact that the Velvet has embraced a very minimalist design.  This is evident in its thinness as well as less obtrusive cameras on its rear.  This is then complimented by a 6.8-inch OLED display; one of the largest in the industry.  However, its slime nature helps to ensure that the phone itself is quite easy to handle and that its weight does not impact the ability for it to remain comfortably within your pocket. 


This phone contains four cameras: three in the rear and one front-facing version.  The primary rear camera offers resolutions as high as 48  megapixels; a reasonable benefit for what many consider to be a mid-range phone.  This is then augmented with a 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera and an additional 5-megapixel camera designed for in-depth shots.  The front camera boasts 16 megapixels of resolution.  

Performance and Processing Power

The LG Velvet is equipped with a a Snapdragon 765 processor that has been designed to accept 5G wireless connections.  It comes with a standard 128 gigabytes of storage alongside eight gigabytes of RAM.  While this is acceptable for most uses, the fact of the matter is that the amount of RAM will likely need to be upgraded by those who wish to access memory-laden applications.  

One notable feature of the Velvet is the fact that it is equipped with wireless charging capabilities.  This is why some industry experts feel that the associated price is rather high for a middle-range phone.  The battery offers 4,300 mAh of power and this should be sufficient for the majority of users. 

Additional Features

The 2020 LG Velvet has been equipped with a dual-screen display as well as support for a dedicated stylus.  This will prove to be quite beneficial for those who are accustomed to multitasking.  However, we should make it a point to mention that the stylus is not included with the phone itself.  It will need to be purchased separately and only LG-approved models are compatible. 

The Verdict

There are certainly many benefits associated with the 2020 LG Velvet.  However, the one possible sticking point could be the price.  Regardless of whether this is due to its 5G compatibility or its wireless charging, the fact of the matter is that those on a budget might find this purchase slightly challenging.  Still, the Velvet does indeed bring a number of impressive features to the table.