A Closer Look at Oculus Rift VR


If you are interested in the latest technology, it is impossible to ignore the virtual reality revolution.  Although still quite young in terms of availability to the public, devices such as the Oculus Rift promise a very bright future.  Of course, this technology is still a bit touch and go in terms of functionality and usability.  Although the Rift still has a few flaws, it is well worth a closer look.

Design and Fit

Many users complained that the beta versions of the Rift were uncomfortable and quite heavy.  It seems that the engineers took this complaint quite seriously, for the entire unit is now light and snug around the face.  Velcro straps allow for quick adjustments when required and extra padding around the eyepiece ensure that hours of use will not be associated any discomfort.  A snug fit is very important, for light would otherwise enter through tiny cracks; immediately negating the VR effects that the Rift promises.  Overall, the design is very effective.


Most experts feel that the Oculus Rift offers rock-solid performance when paired with an equally modern computer (note here that a slow PC will have a massive impact upon the performance of the Rift).  It is very rare that a screen will freeze or buffering will take place.  This is another example of how far the rift has come in only a few years on the market.  The accompanying Oculus Sensor allows the unit to track your movements and interestingly enough, you are able to pivot a full 180 degrees without losing any spatial responsiveness.  This senosor needs to be placed approximately 10 inches (25 centimetres) above your head.  So, it will fit easily on most desks and entertainment centres.


Many readers will skip to this section immediately, and for good reason.  As the world of virtual reality is still in its infancy, there number of games tends to be limited.  Still, the Oculus Rift already supports big titles such as:

  • EVE Valkyrie
  • ADR1FT
  • Elite Dangerous

These are a few of the most cutting-edge versions.  Please note that the number of available games is steadily increasing.  In terms of motion, you might be concerned about dizziness or disorientation.  Thankfully, Oculus has made three adjustable settings.  These are comfortable, moderate and intense.  As you could imagine, it may be a good idea to start off on comfortable before upgrading to a more demanding level.  This is naturally up to you.

The End Result

When we consider that the Oculus Rift is still quite new to this burgeoning market, it is already very impressive what it can offer.  However, this is still likely to be a stepping stone to more updated versions in the near future.  With a suggested price (at the time that this piece was written) of only £500 pounds, you are indeed getting a great deal for your money.  The games themselves generally run between £10 pounds and £40 pounds, so there is a wide range to choose from depending upon your budget and your specific tastes.  The Oculus Rift is definitely worth a look!