A Close-Up Look at the Lenovo Legion Duel 2

Have you been looking for a reliable smartphone that is capable of offering the latest in 21st century gaming technology?  As these demands are becoming more common in recent times, it only stands to reason that many firms have been capitalising upon the associated opportunities.  One perfect example can be seen in the Lenovo Legion Duel 2 gaming phone.  While Lenovo might not necessarily be the first company that comes to mind when speaking of smartphones, this model still has a lot to offer.  Let’s see what the Legion Duel 2 has in store. 


At first glance, the aesthetic design of the Duel 2 is indeed stunning to behold.  Engineered with ergonomics in mind, many feel that this device is easier to manipulate than the majority of its predecessors.  As it has been made to be played in landscape mode, it is ideally suited for RPG platforms and other environments which need to support complex and highly interactive environments.  The only possible issue is that this very same design could make it slightly awkward to use as a traditional smartphone. 

Battery Power

Any gaming fan knows that it is important to have a strong battery in order to increase life between charges.  The Duel 2 is therefore equipped with a robust battery offering 5,500 mAh of power.  In other words, it can be used for well over 24 hours at any given time.  Although 3D gaming will naturally require more power, the fact of the matter is that the Duel 2 has impressed most experts. 

Gaming Capabilities

Of course, we also need to examine how the Duel 2 handles the games themselves.  One interesting feature is that this phone is equipped with a dual active cooling feature.  Thus, it is much less likely to suffer from thermal throttling during intense bouts of gameplay.  A Snapdragon 888 processor is likewise suited for software packages which require a fair amount of dedicated on-board memory without jeopardising basic functionality.  A 720 Hz sampling rate likewise helps to ensure that even the most intricate graphics display crisply and clearly. 

Customisation Options

Have you been looking to personalise your gaming experience?  The Legion Duel 2 aims to please in this manner.  First and foremost, a logo found on the rear of the device can be changed to different colours in order to suit your preferences.  As you should have expected, it is likewise possible to choose from numerous control configurations (there are eight buttons which can be designated to perform specific actions during gameplay).  Adaptive triggers, haptic vibration and a constantly backlit display are a handful of other amenities worth noting. 


To be fair, most gaming phones have not been designed with photography in mind.  Still, the Legion Duel 2 is equipped with a 64 MP camera that offers all of the basic features that we have come to expect.  Some users have nonetheless stated that low-light options are very limited and that the camera has a tendency to overly soften details.  Dynamic ranges while indoors will underperform on occasion and a considerable level of visual “noise” often occurs when taking photos in less-than-optimal conditions.  However, let’s remember that the Legion Duel 2 was never meant to be used primarily as a camera phone. 

The Verdict

Despite a handful of small (and arguably negligible) drawbacks, the Lenovo Legion Duel 2 is definitely worth a closer look if you are an avid online gamer.  An attractive design, a strong battery and the inclusion of a Snapdragon 888 processor round out the features that you can expect to enjoy.