4G SIM Cards & Dongles

As its name suggests, 4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone technology. The main advantage of 4G is that it allows for faster web browsing on tablets, smartphones and laptops. Indeed, 4G internet is around 6 times faster than 3G internet, bringing mobile internet speeds closer to broadband internet speed.

4G SIM Cards

A number of top UK mobile network providers now offer 4G. However, before you purchase a 4G SIM deal, you need to make sure that your phone supports 4G. While 4G availability is increasing throughout the UK, it is currently not available everywhere. Make use of online postcode checkers to find out whether you can receive 4G in your area.

Best 4G SIM Cards

Network Monthly Cost Data Minutes Texts Contract Length
EE £8.50 1GB 1000 Unlimited 12 Months
O2 £16.00 1GB 1000 Unlimited 12 Months
Three £12.90 Unlimited 200 5000 1 Month
Vodafone £16.00 1GB Unlimited Unlimited 12 Months

4G Dongles

Dongles are helpful devices that allow you to connect to the internet on the go by using the signal from mobile phone towers. 4G dongles are the next generation of mobile broadband as they offer superior connection speeds, making them perfect for video streaming! Before buying a pay-you-go or contract 4G dongle, it is vital that you make sure that you get signal where you live or in the area you use you mobile broadband the most. This can be determined by using an online postcode checker.

Best 4G Dongles

Network Contract Pricing Downloads Speed
EE Pay As You Go Pay As You Go 2GB 30Mb
EE 24 Month Contract £10.00/ Month 1GB 30Mb
O2 Pay As You Go Pay As You Go 3GB 80Mb
Three 24 Month Contract £7.87/ Month 1GB 100Mb